The Impeachment : A Formal Process

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Chapter 8 Impeachment is a formal process in which an official was accused of illegal activities, the results of which, depending on the country, which may include the removal of that official from office as well as penalties criminal or civil. Cut is when the representatives decided to send the president or other government in the Senate to test to see if they are suitable to continue to hold their positions. Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were both impeached, but they have been found fit to resume presidential terms of senators. Senatorial courtesy has to do with a president named his pick for the judges in the trial court. President choose who he wants and submit names to the senators from the state they 're from. If the Senate does not approve of his choice, then he will choose someone because the president believes the opinions of the senators and make them a courtesy by discarding their choice if they do not accept ring. That 's when the President nominates federal judges. The Senate has to approve them, and senatorial courtesy is when they rely on the opinion of the senator from the state judge 's house. Legislative budget established by the Texas Legislature in 1949 to prepare proposals for appropriations for all state government agencies. A ten member council policy and oversight agencies include Central and governors of the house spokesman, who served as president and vice
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