The Importance Of A Career For Myself

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1) What 's the most important thing for you to get from your career? This is a question I have been asking myself quite a bit lately as I approach postgrad life. I believe the most important aspect of a career for myself is meaningfulness and being able to further my knowledge. I find I work best when I can see a tangible outcome. If I am working on a project, it really helps to know that the work I am doing will affect someone or something in a positive way. Apart from meaningfulness, I think being able to learn is another very important aspect to consider when choosing a career. I would want a career where I can get out as much as I put in. Learning from co-workers, from making mistakes, from those more experienced and anyway I …show more content…

30,000/520= $57/hour. Working an extra 2 hours a day for $57/hour is definitely a deal I would happily accept. 4) What do you think is going to be your biggest challenge working in recruitment? I think there will be several big challenges for someone working in recruitment. The biggest one I can imagine would be facing rejection for a client. I believe that to be an elite recruiter, it is imperative to make personal connections with your clients to ensure that you are doing is in the client’s best interest. I can see myself getting personally invested in each of my clients, so giving them bad news would definitely be in the upper tier of challenges working in recruitment for myself. I believe that handling rejection will be something I learn as I progress in recruitment. On the flip side of this, being able to give a client good news is very rewarding in my mind and will be a motivational force in becoming a better recruiter.

5) What 's your greatest personal or professional achievement to date? A couple summers ago, I went to India for break. Staying in Mumbai, the plan was to visit friends and family and have a couple of relaxing weeks. While on the way from the airport to the place I was planning to stay, I saw the extremes of income inequality as there were impoverished people living on the street right next to five star hotels and luxurious apartment buildings. That stayed in the back of my mind

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