The Importance Of A Chief Information Officer

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The worlds’ advancements in the digital age are considered to be unprecedented. As we continue to this tremendous growth, especially in the United States, new jobs will be available and existing jobs will continue to evolve. For instance, technology was often viewed as a rudimentary function that kept the business running. However, with the recent growth and advancement, it has become an essential part of any organization and one that now takes any business to the next level. With this, the role of a Chief Information Officer, has gone from just needing technical acumen, to developing skills that will push the business to new heights. Strong leadership, business expertise, and financial management skills are crucial traits that a …show more content…

Additionally, in an effort to be effective, understanding that as CIO, working with and managing different ‘generations’ is an advantage. Having the ability to manage a diverse group of individuals who have different expectations of technology, is a skill set that will set any leader apart from its peers. The CIO’s team will embrace lean IT roles that make it easy to adopt new technologies in the future. The CIO will set the policies, the architecture, and the standards for the organization. As the CIO, developing infrastructure sourcing, security and risk management, and financial measurement are all key roles in organizing the team. In addition, as the CIO, establishing a governance model will ensure that not only is the business running as it should be, but also adapting as needed. For instance, the executive board (VP level), will meet at least quarterly to set the direction of the business, its scope, and big picture expectations. The management board will oversee business operations, schedules, and requirements. In order to be operative the management board should meet at least monthly. Lastly, the technical group (project management and development team) will ensure everything is being executed seamlessly. Communication and

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