The Importance Of A Good Political Leader

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Activity 1 - Building Background In my opinion I think that a good political leader should be honest with the people he works with and the people he represents. Another characteristic that a good political leader should have is empathy, he must understand the problems and feeling of the people who he is representing. He should have a vision of what he wants to do during his term as a political leader and have an organized plan of how to accomplish their vision . 2. On the other hand a poor political leader would show selfishness by thinking of himself and his political career before the people he is representing. He would show poor judgment skills by the people he trusts and would not be able to communicate effectively with his peers and the media . It would seem that he is disorganized because he never plans ahead for upcoming problems . 3. A dictator is a political leader who has taken power by force and has put fear in the people he/she is in control of. A dictator has total power over the people he/she runs and has total disregard for any rules that were previously in place and uses his power for his own purposes. 4. No I do not think a political leader should have absolute power. John Dalberg- Acton, a member of the United kingdom parliament once said “Power tends to corrupt and, absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Absolute power is just too tempting for one person to have. 5. A dictatorship can affect people in many ways

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