The Importance Of A Living-Learning Community

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Over the course of history, a steadfast desire for knowledge has galvanized humanity. Today, countless individuals embrace their ambitions and attend college in hopes of furthering their educations. For this reason, an abundance of attractive options is being offered to vehement learners. In particular, numerous schools across the United States have implemented living-learning communities. Within these programs, enthusiastic students reside alongside others who share similar passions and beliefs. Gradually, the popularity of these groups continues to increase and generate public interest. Joining a living-learning community is certainly a beneficial experience because the approach eases tensions, promotes engagement, and inspires success.
By opting to enroll in a living-learning community, students can alleviate their anxieties regarding college. Entering an unfamiliar environment can naturally be both a daunting and stressful endeavor. Nonetheless, administrators seek to relieve fears caused by the overwhelming presence of a university. Academic advisor Vicki Nelson acknowledges that these projects “can help to shrink the psychological size of the campus...” (“Should My College Student Consider”). While separated into distinct groupings, students avoid being exposed to the frightening magnitude of an institution. Therefore, in these reassuring circles, individuals can become comfortably acquainted with their surroundings. Soon enough, they can gain a vital sense of

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