The Importance Of A Person 's Quality Of Life Is Determined By The Amount Of Hard Work

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I believe that a person’s quality of life is determined by the amount of hard work they do. The only unfortunate thing for me is that I did not embrace that lesson until recently. To truly know why I finally came into grasp with that idea, you must know my struggles. Experience the evolution that I went through to being where I am today. I will start my story off in high school. I am an average Joe. I don’t do anything extraordinary. At that time of my life, my ideal way of spending a day is to be at home tucked under my bed. I felt like school was just a thing I was obligated to do, so I never took it seriously. Being a kid was the only thing that I knew how to do, and adulthood had never once pop into my mind. It was finally senior year of high school. I was surrounded by friends who were going to 4 year colleges or military, and I was the only few who were going to a local community college. I was told by many teachers, friends and family that there wasn’t anything to be ashamed of because I had chosen to attend a community college. At that point of my life, I knew I cheated myself because I never fully took advantage of my full potential. The only thing that made it worst was that I went to college not knowing that I wanted to do as a career. Not knowing what I wanted to do felt like a black hole in the back of my mind, but I was still too naive to realize. Freshmen year of college and I just took the basic general classes. As time went on, that black hole started to

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