The Importance Of Access To Poverty

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Health is closely linked to poverty. The right to the highest attainable standard of health requires a set of social norms conducive to the health of all people, including the availability of health services, safe working conditions, adequate housing and nutritious food. The realization of the right to health is closely linked to other human rights, including the right to food, housing, employment, education, non-discrimination, access to information and participation.

The most vulnerable and marginalized groups in societies often suffer from poor health and lack of access to health. Three of the world's most deadly infectious diseases - malaria, HIV and tuberculosis - affect disproportionately the world's poorest people, placing a huge burden on economies The Developing Countries. By contrast, the burden of non-communicable diseases - often seen as affecting high-income countries - is now growing disproportionately between low-income countries and the population. Within countries, some people are exposed to higher rates of poor health and face significant barriers to access to quality and affordable health care. This population is significantly higher than mortality and morbidity due to noncommunicable diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and chronic respiratory diseases. Persons particularly vulnerable to HIV infection are often socially and economically disadvantaged and discriminated against. These vulnerable populations may be subject to laws and policies

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