The Importance Of Active Collaboration With Families Of Culturally Diverse Backgrounds

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In this video, a woman discusses the building of partnerships with families of culturally diverse backgrounds. The video begins with the explanation of how families are interconnected, and what affects one affects them all. Family members may experience a wide range of emotions, and go through the grieving process when a family member is diagnosed with a disability. The time at which they can adjust to this major event varies, certain members may have a stronger reaction than others. The way at which they react will also likely vary, siblings and extended family having a possibly different reaction than parents. Secondly, the video covered the importance of active collaboration with families, and how building partnerships helps both families and children. Suggestions were offered on how to work with families. Some of these suggestions were: avoid overwhelming family with too much information and services, let them adjust at their own pace, use supportive communication styles, and utilize resources in a way that does not disrupt the family The next part of the video addressed communication strategies for working w/ parents and other professionals. Four communication styles were described: thinking, nonverbal, speaking, and listening. In the “thinking,” section, the importance of remaining non-judgmental about a family’s culture, beliefs, traditions, and values was emphasized. In the “non-verbal section,” it was pointed out that the majority of communication is non-verbal,

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