The Importance Of Adolf Hitler

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Ever wonder how a man can rise in power and almost take over the world? Hitler almost took over the world and did it ruthlessly to get where he got. How do you get to be a supreme leader from being a lowly citizen? It may seem impossible, but if you’re in the right place at the right time, speaking your mind and others agree, you could rise to the top. Adolf Hitler did just that and became to be one of the most corrupt and malicious dictators of all time. Hitler’s leadership was vitally important in his time of reign in Germany because with the amount of power he gained, he had taken advantage of his own German government and as he continued, he sought to make for world domination.

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He gave them each of these necessities as promised and because he had succeeded doing these things, people followed him. His second step was to take the land back from the European countries that had even a little bit of German ancestry or history. He was looking for a German world to create. Hitler has said to want to “protect” all German people and countries. His goal for German nationalism was his drive or motivation to do these things. Of course, his last step was to succeed world domination. He would just create more military and take more land until he could be stopped.

German nationalism is the pride and showing of German heritage and union of Germany. This was one of Hitler’s main goals to prevail in a small way. He talked about taking over any land that was once inhabited by Germans. This meant places like Austria and Czechoslovakia. Hitler was very anti-semitic and used propaganda to encourage others to turn anti-semitic. His hatred for Jews was very unfortunate to the Jews. Hitler’s life had many events including Jews. When Hitler was younger, he applied for an art school but was rejected by the man in charge of the school. This man was a Jew and applied fuel to his hate fire. The famous “Book Burning” was an event that occurred on May 10th, 1933 which encouraged a cleansing of literature and the burning included the books of the Jews. Hitler did not believe the beliefs of Jews or Christianity. On

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