The Importance Of Andrew Jackson And The Common Man

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Imagine if we didn’t win the War of 1812 or if the common people felt unwanted? Where would we be without Andrew Jackson? Andrew Jackson’s presidency should be admired because he supported the common man and thought the rich were overrated, he also a well-known war hero.This topic is relevant because Andrew Jackson made it so the people were treated as equals, and how different “groups” shouldn’t be treated better just because of their money status. It also is relevant because our country wouldn’t have double without the War of 182 or our success during the Revolutionary. Andrew Jackson wasn’t born into the richest family, in fact he lived out most of his life an orphan. President Jackson always thought that the rich were over privileged or didn’t deserve what they were given. Andrew Jackson wanted to make sure the common people felt just as equal as the rich. Jackson also was a well renowned war hero for his victory during the War of 1812 which gave the United States the ability to double in size or it wouldn’t have given us the social status that was desired.Because Andrew Jackson was a common man himself, how did he put towards that part of his life into his acts as president?
Andrew Jackson wasn’t just a president, he was also a common man. Jackson was most famous because he believed in the common man, and that’s what he fought for and how he wanted to model the country. The common man started as almost the lowest of the system until Jackson helped them rise to be one of

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