The Importance Of Beatrice In Dante Alighieri

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Dante Alighieri lived in a time where many of his decisions would be made for him, the most significant being that of his arranged marriage to Gemma Donati in 1285 when he was still in love with another woman by the name of Beatrice. Beatrice becomes a central figure in much of Dante’s writing, as well as the ideas of life, death, and the meaning behind it all. This essay is going to examine whether or not Dante’s The Inferno was a product of its time, or something else all together. Dante Alighieri met the love of his life when he was only nine years old, and although he didn’t know her personally, Beatrice was soon to become one of the most iconic symbols of love of their time. A lot of Dante’s history was undocumented, however we do know that he was arranged to be married to Gemma Donati and would later go on to have children with her. It is rumored that Dante’s parents did not arrange him to be married to Beatrice due to her background; Donati came from a wealthy family and was sure to be a more attractive option as far as social status. Even though Dante was married to another woman, Beatrice remained the center of all Dante’s writings, while Gemma Donati appeared in none of them. When Beatrice died when Dante was in his 20s, he was obviously overcome with grief. Supposedly looking for answers, Dante began to immerse himself in philosophy. This extensive study of philosophy and his desire to keep Beatrice’s legacy alive led to the creation of The Divine Comedy where

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