The Importance Of Beauty Pageants : The Consequences Of Beauty Pageants

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A scantily clad four-year-old girl struts across the stage, her perfectly white teeth gleaming as she flashes them at the judges. Her long, blonde, flawlessly curled hair bounces behind her as she strikes a sassy pose. Her candy apple, red nails catch the light. This is just one of many girls that participate in this particular beauty pageant, each looking like a mid-twenties girl on a night out, shrunk down to a perfect mini me. Through these pageants, girls are taught that outward appearance is of primary importance and they must stick to a strict routine to accomplish this. If they fail to live up to these expectations, they can face disappointment and guilt. Most also learn that sexuality is their currency which must be traded and exploited to get anywhere in life. By taking part in beauty pageants at such a young age girls are taught that their outward appearance is what will ensure their success in life. These girls are in pageants at such young ages; some even before they reach their first birthday. Because this idea is introduced so young, many of these girls believe if they can do well in these events that everything else in their life will fall into place. Unfortunately, many simply don’t understand the consequences these unrealistic expectations for their bodies will have in their later years. Pageant contestants are told they must meet certain physical standards; these may include body measurements as well as other aspects of their physical appearance including

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