The Importance Of Being A Successful Teacher

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We watched a video about the effective teacher for 45 minutes. I have written notes about the important areas and points for the presentation. Fortunately, the presentation comprises of the important aspects of being a successful teacher. I learned why every student can learn. It is because the problem is not the student; the problem is the teacher who may fail to make a connection. If teachers believe in the law of No Child Left Behind, then they will have to work hard to find the appropriate method to improve the student’s skills and knowledge individually. So, teachers have to figure out ways of helping all the students to be successful because not all the best strategies work to the advantage of all students individually. All students must learn better from the high expectations they have from their teachers and having the opportunity to feel they are the fraction of the educational process. The teachers are the strongest element effective education. Therefore, they need to prepare and create the right path for learning and attract the students to learn. In fact, not all students understand in the same way, so the new strategies have an influence in the education functioning. However, using the new strategies in teaching provides an opportunity for the students to increase their comprehension. The differences between teachers are their educational methods and the strategies that they use in the teaching process. Teacher, who uses the beneficial strategies in
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