The Importance Of Being A Writer In Writing

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How have I grown as a student this term? I have grown as a student by requesting help, annotating more effectively, and time-management.
As a student, I never had requested any help from anyone because for me it was a sign that I was weak because most of the students didn’t need it. But I couldn’t be more wrong, having someone helping you is a sign of using your resources and being smart to get a better grade. English is my second language and most of what I know is self-taught and reading a lot. I thought by doing that I was going to be a great writer but these qualities are only the tip of the iceberg, at the bottom I mostly write and practice, knowing the rules and having someone else who knows these rules to help me be a better writer than last year. Now I go to the Writing Center and every tutor has taught me some rules that I did not know before. For instance, Laura she gave me an article that shows the use of commas and rules of when or not to use them. I still not a perfect writer but as I look back at another essay I have done I can see the mistakes easier and know how to solve them. Now I learn that using outside resources are convenient for me because I still don’t know all the rules of writing. I think through time I will gain more knowledge and be a great writer.
Annotations were not my strong suit. Before I annotate the main idea and sometimes look up the unknown words. When is the time to summarize the text I would go back and re-read the first and last

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