The Importance Of Being Proficiency On State Mandated Test And Graduating On Time

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Signature Assignment Apply What You Have Learned All failing schools need guidance on what it will take to improve student outcomes. However, some schools today have been considered as failing schools and is in a greater need than other k-12 schools. The purpose of this assignment is to apply what I have learned throughout the course and present additional information on failing schools. By the end of this assignment, students will understand the importance of being proficiency on state mandated test and graduating on time. Overview Can failing schools be turnaround? Turning around low performing schools requires a lot of work under the No Child Left Behind law. According to that law, educators are required to educate students to…show more content…
By having effective principals can help improve learning in the classroom by having motivated teachers that will work above and beyond the call of duty. This will allow the students to successfully passed their Some strategies for implementing plans to turnaround failing schools includes, previous school data such as test scores, graduation rate, advanced placement and dual enrollment courses, additional time for teaching and collaboration and allowing one to one technology, strong instructional programs, strong leaders and effective teachers, and community support. When turning around a failing school within a few years it’s a major deal. Meaning it starts from the top by replacing the staff and turning the school over to a charter organization and changing the school culture of the school. However, the cons of turning round filing schools are that some schools are faced with when turning around a failing school has its lows in public schools. These schools have high poverty rates, low income and in-effective teachers and not enough community support and or money in the budget. According to (Murphy, 2010) not all failing schools are worth saving. He believe when a school is near closure sometimes fighting to restore what shouldn’t be saved is a wise policy nor interests of the students. Murphy, believes since the school has failed the students and their families by not educating their kids then why should it be saved. When trying to turnaround a failing
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