The Importance Of Being Proficiency On State Mandated Test And Graduating On Time

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Apply What You Have Learned

All failing schools need guidance on what it will take to improve student outcomes. However, some schools today have been considered as failing schools and is in a greater need than other k-12 schools. The purpose of this assignment is to apply what I have learned throughout the course and present additional information on failing schools. By the end of this assignment, students will understand the importance of being proficiency on state mandated test and graduating on time.

Overview Can failing schools be turnaround? Turning around low performing schools requires a lot of work under the No Child Left Behind law. According to that law, educators are required to educate students to the best of their ability. However, all schools need the support for improvement toward the goal of helping students reach the goals in both reading and mathematics in order to graduate on time with a diploma. Many schools have failing grades because of poor leadership from the district and administration, funding issues with improper management. Trying to turn around failing schools, requires money, effort, accountability and of course teamwork with an improvement plan.

Investing in school leadership has its pros and cons when school leaders take on the challenge of turning around failing schools. When failing schools have effective principals failing schools tend to have effective ways to help improve teaching and learning in…
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