The Importance Of Bulls In Professional Sports

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Fifteen seconds left in the game ... The buzzers counting down ... Butler dribbling the ball down the court while the other opponent is dashing towards him. Five seconds left ... He shoots and he scores! The buzzer goes off, the crowd is in excitement and disappointment. It was the Milwaukee Bucks second straight loose and boy was it tough for them! The dramatic score of 117 points scored by the Chicago bulls and 106 points scored by the Milwaukee bucks. Jimmy Butler scored 32 points for the streaking win, while Gasol scored 26 points with 11 rebounds and following Gasol was Gibson with 11 more points and 14 boards. The points helped lead the bulls in their season-best fifth straight win. While all the madness happened for the bulls the Milwaukee bucks came in with 26 points from Khris Middleton and 20 points and 12 assists from Michael Carter- Williams it was still 11 points short from the Milwaukee bucks loosing. Butler was record-breaking by scoring 40 of his 42 points in the second part of the game. I guess you can say Jimmy Butler gained a lot of fans over the weekend! While Sunday, January 5th was one of the most exciting Sundays for a lot of basketball fans it sure was for me too! This is Abby stulo reporting from the sports center on fox 6 news stayed tuned in for my reaction and thoughts on the game and players.

Well most of my friends
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This time, Butler had 20 points in the first half on 8- of- 11 shooting." is what stood out to me because this impacted the basketball community by showing how good a player is compared to others and it proved how Butler made the bulls look really good Sunday night. Now whenever I hear about the Chicago bulls or Jimmy butler I will always think of this article. Thanks fox
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