The Importance Of Bullying In The United States

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When minors throughout the United States visualize bullying, they generally envision a substantially larger child physically picking on a much smaller individual. However, when asked about what harassment looks like, the majority of adolescents are unsure of what it is. Many times teenagers get bullying and harassment confused or assume they are the same. Harassment and bullying are related because they each have to do with someone hurting another person, but nonetheless, they are utterly different. Bullies put in great thought to who they will bully because bullying portrays a sense of power and they need someone who will satisfy this need. Harassers do not choose individuals who are smaller than them, but an equal. Harassers victims are peers …show more content…

This usually begins in elementary school, but is often overlooked by officials because it is not viewed as a serious problem, but more as a natural matter. Bullying in elementary school consists of one kid picking on the other child's flaws or anything they think makes that child weird or different. When bullying starts to get more intense at this age level, physical bullying occurs, which involves one child hitting or punching the other. Once children enter middle school, the conditions of bullying increase tremendously. Middle school is the most intense level of bullying preteens and young adults have to face throughout their school years. In middle school, children are trying to find there way and making friends plays a crucial role. It is very easy for a bully to attack an individual and break down their self-esteem which can make it very difficult for the person being bullied to socialize. Physical bullying during middle school consists of the bully shoving kids, tripping or hitting them as they walk past them along with elementary bullying habits.When using verbal bullying, the bully tends to use words they know will make their victims self conscious about themselves. Elementary school and Middle school is when bullying is at its prime. Towards the end of the middle school, …show more content…

They interpreted Phoebe taking her life as a joke, and said it was her just trying to bring attention to herself. Phoebe’s bullies mocked her death and some even said they were glad she was gone. South Hadley High school, the school Phoebe attended, made efforts to Phoebe's case not to mourn her loss, but to make sure no one followed in her footsteps. After the death of Phoebe Prince, some of the students spoke out against bullying. In the online excerpt, Who Failed Phoebe Prince?, Becky Brouillard shared, “a lot of people share stuff anonymously… so you don't even know who's saying it… they can talk over a keyboard, but they’ll never say it to your face” with NBC affiliate Alyssa Giacobbe. After sharing this, Becky then became a target of bullying. The school later brought in a expert to help other students realize suicide is not the answer, but this was the second suicide case that occurred in South hadley due to teenage bullying and the second time Barbara Coloroso had visited SHHS. The first suicide should have made the school enforce bullying rules that protected students in person and virtually, but the school did nothing. After Phoebe’s death, Coloroso insisted the school take the case more seriously by making rules and enforcing them to stop this from occurring again.Throughout

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