The Importance Of College Basketball And Cheating

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Cheating, you may do it, you probably have done it somewhere in your life, but what about the penalties you may suffer for being caught? People cheat in many things: school, sports, and, but not limited to, relationships. But there is many ways to cheat in those multiple examples, like in sports you can cheat with: drugs, academic eligibility, or even through recruiting. The topic of this paper is college basketball and cheating. What makes college basketball coaches break the rules, is it worth the penalty you might ultimately face?
Roy Williams has had an unproven history of not obeying the academic rules, but he was actually caught in 2004. One of his players, Rashad McCants, recently came out and said Roy did cheat. Rashad McCants, a North Carolina basketball player from 2002-2005 was one of the leading scores on the 2005 National Champion UNC team, who said he participated in Roy Williams' academic scandal. He was drafted by the Minnesota Timberwolves and then ended up being unsigned in the league by the year 2009, admitted to taking bogus classes designed to help athletes stay academically eligible (Delsohn). Rashad McCants is the only person who came out against Roy Williams in the academic scandal. The classes Rashad McCants referred to recently were exposed in his interview with Steve Delsohn, a writer for ESPN. The class was a “paper class,” that did not require you to show up to class at all, but rather to turn in a term paper at the end of the semester to receive

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