The Importance Of College Education

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College had always been the long-term goal for me, eventually. I think careers favor the educated in two capacities. I think it's used as a direct avenue to place one another in a social hiearchy; saying they we capable to do one thing or another. I also think that it is used to determine the level at which you can communicate with someone. It's fascinting to me that people are so enthralled with a person once they gain intel on their level of education. Frankly, people treat one another differently, based off what they feel is a person's level of intelligence. It's a prejudice that is commonly accepted, so we carry on. I have also realized that a college education makes you so much more reputable. I know the average person reading this would say, "That is common sense." Truth be told I knew this of course, but I never understood the weight it carried. Until you are out there foraging the job market and seeing what is available, you never quite understand why college is the direction to go. That old saying from generations of parents across the spectrum stating, "Stay in school" and "An education can take you places that your mind never dreamt it could." Well these phrases are speaking the truth on a multitude of levels. When you understand that going to college is a great way to change your life, there wil be no distactions. The thought of revamping yourself as an individual will get you motivated for life altering circumstances and adventurous journeys. I thought long and

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