The Importance Of College Education

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The amount of education a person obtains has a direct impact in determining the earnings that one could make over a lifetime. A college education could help an individual land a higher paying job that is more likely desirable than a job they would probably have without a college education. Although most people would rather have a higher income job, lately there has been a lot of controversy on whether attending college is worth the expense in the long run. When the cost of attaining a college degree is beginning to exceed more than a quarter of a million dollars, it prompts students to question if the benefits of their investment will be enough.
Lately the cost of attending college has skyrocketed and the students are earning less post-graduation. The average tuition has more than tripled for a bachelor’s degree since 1970 when the national average was about $4,600 per year to close to $15,000 in recent years. Since college tuition has dramatically increased to an all-time high, students have to fund their education with student loans. This leads to the graduates having to pay back student loans while not having the quality of pay they might deserve. In fact, 2013 showed the total “student loan debt in the United States exceeded $1 trillion, and more than 11 percent of student loan balances were either severely delinquent or already in default” (Federal Reserve Bank). This leads many experts to question whether a college education is a good investment in the long run.

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