The Importance Of Community College

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We spend our lives doing an array of different activities. There are multiple extracurriculars to be a part of, and most of the time we participate in the activities we enjoy. However, there are certain actions we have to take in order to succeed, such as school. School takes up most of our lives, grade school alone is thirteen years and then there is college. One of the first choices after high school is deciding whether to attend a community college or go straight to a university. Many students choose to attend a community college for multiple different reasons, and others believe community colleges still need some work in order to be the right path to earning a degree. The article “Revamping Community Colleges to Improve Graduation Rates” lists options to make community colleges a place where college students can succeed. A few items that would lower the rate of college drop-outs are to give students credit for remedial courses, help students with financial aid, and ensure that students are getting the guidance they need.
Students who do not score high enough on entry assessment tests are required to take remedial courses however, they do not receive a credit for the course. In the article “Revamping Community Colleges to Improve Graduation Rates” Alina Tugend says, “Remedial classes, which students often pay for but usually aren’t included in graduation credits, are “the single most deadly issue for students of color,” said Eloy Oakley, superintendent-president of Long

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