The Importance Of Community Values

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A community is formed by people working together. Support is what builds a community together, whether it is a small or large group. From the support, the people build comes a better place to live. A community is what connects people to one another to build relationships. Everywhere you look, there is a community within a classroom, school, religion. The world has communities in place to lean on each other when something good or bad happens. Over time, communities will grow and change, but one thing is that there will always be a tradition and stories of the community as time moves on. When entering a community, managing to learn something new from one’s experience is key.
A community has values in place that connect the people together. The DePaul community values are justice, community, excellence, and respect. Justice is performed by always standing for what is right. Community shown by becoming a family through learning about each other. Expecting excellence from each other by setting the bar high, and respect by treating others the same way he/she would want to be treated. The DePaul community has the values in place to hold standards for the community. The standards are like rules that a family may have and are expected to obey. If rules were not in place then the community would be a mad house.
A symbolic name for this community is DePaul, named after Saint Vincent DePaul. Saint Vincent DePaul is the patron saint of serving the poor. This means that he is the
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