The Importance Of Computer Crimes

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The advancement of computer technology and networking has rapidly expanded communications but as we progress with the wage of the new world technology comes with it own costs. The same technology that provides useful services can be used against its users and benefit computer terrorist to get our information, take our identity and preview our personal lives without many of us knowing what has happened until it is too late. Continuous advancing technology provides criminals and terrorists with a variety of new tools and opportunities to conduct their agendas against current technology.

There are four major types of computer crimes, which are; using the computer as a target, using the computer as an instrument of the crime, using the computer as an incidental to a crime, and crimes associated with the prevalence of computers. These crimes can be committed in many different forms. An example of using the computer as a target would be denial of service or altering data while using the device. Using the computer as an instrument would be Cybercriminal using computers and networks for crimes such as theft, theft of service, fraud, exploitation, and threats or harassment. (Yurieff, 2017). Computers are now often used as instruments to make threats or harass individuals. When using the computer as incidental that could be seen as a pattern or incident of criminality uses a computer simply for ease in maintaining the efficacy of criminal transactions. Lastly an example of crimes
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