The Importance Of Conflict In Group Counseling

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n references to Jaclyn's post, I concur with her based on her assertion that Conflict in group counseling settings is almost always inevitable. However, it is important to take note of the proficiency and the aptitudes of the counselor involved in the cause both at personal and professional levels. Despite the diverse disparities and the extent of antagonism between or among the conflicting parties, it is very important for the counselor never to take sides, but rather give both/all parties neutral treatment or attention; this will help bringing the conflicting parties at par as far as emotions are concerned thus, ready for the counselor's intercession, and subsequently discourse and mutual consensus (Jacobs, et al. 2016 ). Based on an encounter I once had as a conflict mediator between couples, who also happened to be my relatives, I realized that conflicting persons when undergoing counseling, more often that not, harbor and exhibit wide-ranging emotional and even physical behaviors, this is to expose the opponents' course of action(s) while veiling theirs. They want to show that they are the victims of the situation, and therefore they should be granted justice, or ruling should be done to their favor. This process, that is, conflict resolution/counseling within a group setting, calls for utmost sobriety and vigilance by the counselor so that he/she is not carried away by the different and confusing behaviors and sentiments of the conflicting parties.


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