The Importance Of Corporal Punishment

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Would you like it if you got hit, spanked, or flogged? No, you wouldn’t. Corporal punishment is authoritarian, brutal and, painful. I don’t know why corporal is still legal, but it should be banned completely. I was surprised to find that corporal punishment is still legal in household throughout the united states. What infuriated me was that it's still legal in school in nineteen states here in United states. I know a lot of parents and schools thinks it’s a good way to discipline kids but it is completely brutal and unfair; however, there are other ways to discipline children. Corporal punishment has never worked and never will study show that the children who were spanked are more likely to spank their children.
If you go online or even ask a parent you will find a lot of reasons why corporal punishment is more effective than other types of punishment, but the question here is it effective in the long run? Corporal punishment is something that can be used as a disciplinary action for a short term. I as a child have both seen and experienced corporal punishment. The study shows "a long-term study of children beginning in kindergarten found that 80 percent of children had been spanked by the time they reached third grade." (Gershoff; Andrew). Corporal punishment was not only painful but it also discouraged me to do well. There is a fine line between corporal punishment and abuse instead of it being a disciplinary action in some cases it has become a way for parents to
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