The Importance Of Corporal Punishment

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Two weeks ago, I was reading about corporal punishment while eating a candy bar. It struck me that while teenagers , like us, are against getting spanked or slapped across the cheek, there is another side of reasoning of whether parents should be allowed to use physical punishments on their children. I realized that sweets are a lot like the parental decision to hit a child. Sugar and punishment may be two very different society issues, yet I found that I could take a peek into the perspective of an adult through sugar. Therefore, whenever my presentation on corporal punishment dries out in your mind, think about how sugar and spanks are alike. Corporal punishment between a parent and a child, is a growing dispute between beliefs, researchers and statistics, shown by Harold Grasmick’s Protestant Fundamentalism article. In the United Nations “Declaration of the Rights of the Child,” it is firmly stated that,”...he[the child] may have a happy childhood and enjoy for his own good and for the good of society...”(196). As long as a child has not violated the law, parents should not have the right to impose corporal punishment their children due to the long-term physical and psychological effects.

Many parents believe that they know their child the best. In most cases, parents uniquely provide for their children and treat them with care. Though, this claim falls short because studies have shown that corporal punishment has a high potential for turning into child abuse and

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