The Importance Of Creatine

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Creatine is an organic molecule that is found in the human body as well as other vertebrate animal’s tissue (“Creatine”). It is considered an amino acid. Creatine is made naturally in the liver or can be taken as a supplement (“Creatine”). Creatine has shown that when taken as a supplement it has many benefits to the human body.
Structure and Properties: The formula for creatine is; C4H9N3O2 (“Creatine”). The structure is: By looking at the structure of creatine and the bonds present, we can understand a lot of the properties. The melting point of creatine is 255 degrees Celsius (“Creatine”). This is a relatively high boiling point for a molecule. The high boiling point is due to the hydrogen bonds present between the oxygen and hydrogen and the nitrogen and hydrogen. Hydrogen bonds are very strong and not easily broken. Hydrogen bonds increase strength with numbers, this causes the melting point to be higher in a molecule with more than one area where hydrogen bonding is present. Hydrogen bonding can occur with the oxygen and the nitrogen in the molecule.

The shapes are determined by the bonds and the lone pairs on the atom. The bonds and lone pairs cause the molecule to bend into different shapes dependent on the number of bonds and lone pairs. They bend into a specific shape with different angle degrees.
Chirality refers to the “mirror image” of a molecule (“Chirality and Stereoisomers”). To identify a

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