The Importance Of Crime In Miami

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Miami, vice city, holds a million of people, events, and cultures. Sad is the part, in the southeastern of Florida, quite a few number of people incorporated in Mafia are manipulating the lives of the rest. Though in such a Metropolitan city, crimes are expected to find by, yet the city council must ensure the safety of public, its properties, and a well-established justice system. In the city of Miami may also be used sarcastically for that its residents are too scared with crimes to enjoy a peaceful sleep. Near Miami Beach, a gang of 13 criminals haunted the streets of Miami. An old woman named as Lindsey, lived nearby the residential area of Ocean Drive Miami Beach residing in a very luxurious condo with an amazing view that faces the waters of Miami shores. She was too old and her 21 years old granddaughter used to assist her for the execution of outdoor tasks, as she was an elder who could barely walk without assistance. Lindsey was capable enough to provide for the household. Her late husband who was deceased after a long-suffering illness has left her a lot of property and bank balance. She could not use much of it and her granddaughter used to live a very limited, dull, and fun-less life. Katy the granddaughter has never asked for demands other …show more content…

They were living in separate houses, yet operating together. Their operations were nothing more than robbing shops, and looting people’s things or cash, doing the unlawful killings, and spreading terror across the city, they specialized particularly in organized crime. They were active during the night, as they all were very good in misusing the dark taking advantage of knowing the city’s underground. The key operating line they have is that of operating together and run apart individually, so that no one is caught. They scrutinized their adherence to the statement that die hard, but never reveal. They conducted a similar activity in their

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