The Importance Of Crime Prevention

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According to the Australian Government of Criminology (2017), Crime prevention is ‘an effective approach to reducing crime. It is internationally recognised as an important component of a national approach to building viable communities.’ This essay will examine the case of the kings Cross shooting that occurred in 2012, involving the Indigenous community, Sydney police and Society. it will cover the importance of Crime prevention and the strategies in which are ideal to maintain the safety and security of the community and the offender partaking in the crime. This essay will focus broadly on the perspective of Social Crime Prevention, and the importance it obtains to prevent crime from occurring.

On Saturday 21st April 2012, Sydney police were patrolling the streets of Kings Cross when they became aware of a youth whom they recognised, in which was driving a stolen vehicle underage. The 14 year old Indigenous offender was driving erratically, and in chase by police, mounted the curb and struck a nearby pedestrian trapping the individual under the car. Due to the safety of the community, police shot both the 14 year old driver and an 18 year old passenger, who both received non-life critical injuries. Four other males, aged between 13 to 24, were in the back seat of the car at the time. (SBS 2012). In this case, Social crime prevention would have in fact been an effective method of crime prevention that would have been able to assist the individuals involved in this crime,

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