Public Services Level 3: Crime and Its Effects on Society Task 2

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BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary/Extended Diploma in Public Services Unit 12: Crime and its Effects on Society Assignment 2: Effects of crime and how the public services support victims and witnesses of crime In this assignment I will be examining and investigating the effects of crime on individuals, communities and business and discussing the role of services that support victims of crime and witness. There are a lot of people and communities that are impacted negatively by crime. However in the public service, there are approaches used in order to reduce crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour. This is done by using websites and wardens to keep track of recent crimes. Also I will be writing about how both public and third sector…show more content…
The main way they will be affected by crime is that they could be judged by other generations for being criminals, giving teenagers a bad name. As a result of this, they may pick up on anti-social behaviour as they don’t think it is fair, or to fit in with the other trouble makers. • Children – children are affected by crime negatively as they are very easily into manipulating, they can be brought up to be a criminal just from living next to one. Children are a bit more naive so they may not be scared by the loud music and other minor crimes. A result of this is that parents may move them, which will make them move schools and have to adapt to a new environment. • Different cultures – different cultures are a target of racism which is a bad impact of crime. Someone being targeted for something they can’t change such as their ethnical background or the colour of their skin can make people feel hopeless and scared that the crime will occur wherever they go. • Disabled – disabled people will be very badly impacted by crime as they tend to isolate themselves from other people in the community. As they are isolated, they will not have anyone to talk to about the crime, so they may not even report the crime, or may even be too scared to report it, and again they may feel as if they are being targeted just because they have something different about them that they can’t change, and they may just suffer in silence and fear. Crime has a massive
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