The Importance Of Critical Thinking And Diversity

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During the critical thinking and diversity presentation, the speaker gave the class a rundown of what situations we may encounter both at university and in the professional world. In the exercise she conducted, we discussed not only the potential solutions to the confrontations, but also the different opinions about doing so. The overall experience helped expose us to the importance of critical thinking and being diversely conscious.
As someone pursuing a career in business, making connections with culturally diverse people and companies can be mutually beneficial for all parties involved. That being said, learning how to handle situations that may jeopardize these relations, such as those discussed in class, can help us to resolve, compromise, and prevent current and further issues in professional settings such as the office. One scenario the speaker had us discuss, and that I found particularly difficult to resolve, dealt with religious tolerance. By applying some critical thinking skills, we were able to conclude on a few potential resolutions and …show more content…

Just to provide an image of my family's size, my maternal grandfather is one of seventeen siblings; all except four had children and so forth. With that in mind, it is no surprise there are many ethnic and social groups represented in my family such as Hispanic, Caucasian, African American, Asian, European, Arabic, lesbian, gay, liberal, conservative, Christian, Catholic, Islamic, and physically and mentally disabled. Growing up, knowing people and qualities from many groups, I became more inclusive and respective of what people believed and, from my viewpoint, I hadn’t really experienced diversity and inclusion issues. At Tarleton, however, I would say I am more aware of same issues and have learned to be especially mindful and careful on campus in order to not provoke

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