The Importance Of Critical Thinking

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Nowadays, we do not talk in terms of blank reasoning, we talk about teaching critical thought. Teaching critical thought is very important in upper level teaching, however it is good to question whether it is good to start early in the primary and secondary school settings. Matthew Lipman talks about what it means to educate more critical thinking and when should start doing it.
Lipman talks about the purpose of critical thought. He questions if we should educate critical thought, and if we do, how should we? A huge important component of our everyday lives is making judgments. Every day, people make judgements of what they are wearing that day or what they will have for breakfast. A definition of judgment is applying knowledge to practice. Good judgements are profoundly important. Critical thought it guided by our everyday lives. They effect the world around us. Lipman says critical thought is applied thinking which develops product. The product it develops is the judgement. Clearly, you can see how important critical thought. It directs our thoughts. We must have strong critical thinking skills so we can have good judgement.
Lipman talks about different characteristics from critical thought. The first characteristic is reliance on criteria. Critical thought is a type of thought and it is a reliable thought. It requires criteria to evaluate reliably. You need to have a foundation that is the basis for making an argument. This tells us what to appeal to wen our assertions

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