The Importance Of Cultural Appropriation

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The true definition of cultural appropriation involves a person adopting elements of a culture outside of their own as a form of expression. However, the way some people embody other people’s culture becomes negative because they fail to acknowledge that a custom is in fact not their own. Then other members of society begin to credit that person with inventing something that belongs to another culture. There are others comfortable with adopting another culture’s elements who take this concept lightly and do not realize how beauty and racial superiority are used to justify this theft. They are lowering the self- esteem of the younger generations who are a part of these stolen cultures. Appropriation takes away the pride the original group that is associated with the culture have in individuality and makes them seem as if their culture is a part of the American lifestyle. The intention behind acknowledging appropriation and giving credit to the culture will hopefully encourage generations to open their minds and begin to understand another group’s identity before trying to imitate it.
Throughout history, cultural appropriation was mainly demonstrated with derogatory acts to degrade a culture. There have been people in history who are not placed in history books because of a “superior” race at the time that took the credit for their accomplishments or made a mockery of their culture. Foremost, the “discovery” of America in 1492 by Christopher Columbus, which was a conquest

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