The Importance Of Cultural Diversity

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Cultural Diversity is the existence of a variety of cultural or ethnic groups within a society. There are many processes of Walt’s adaptation to cultural diversity. First, there is the obvious discord between Walt and the young Father of the church. This situation presents cultural differences of identity; specifically, age and religion. This eventually becomes a hindrance in Walt and his Father Janovich’s perception of each other. Walt does not think Father Janovich is credible due to his age and his religious culture of Catholicism, therefore, his dedication to his deceased wife is not anchored by any firm foundation. Father Janovich wants to keep the promises he made to Walt’s late wife Dorothy, but Walt is not convinced. This difference in cultural identity leads Walt to make numerous offensive remarks to Father Janovich, but young Janovich’s faith allows him to exercise patience and longsuffering with Walt. Another aspect of Walt’s adaptation to cultural diversity is the language barriers. Walt’s culture of offensive language creates a cultural divide within his own family. Though he and his family speak the same language, their inability to communicate inter-culturally creates dysfunction, as shown in the scene “Unhappy Birthday.” Walt’s oldest son and his wife presents birthday gifts for Walt, as they believe these are thoughtful and will make Walt’s life “easier.” Entirely out of touch with Walt’s goals and values, their gifts and suggestions are dismissed, as well
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