The Importance Of Cultural Diversity For Chinese Students

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In addition, Cemlyn (2008) focuses on the importance of cultural diversity, especially respecting and accepting ethnic minority group. More voluntary work in different sectors will be available for Chinese students. Also, local government and service organizations have advocated that local people need to be open for international students and are encouraged to make friends with each other (Oatey and Xiong, 2006). Such multiple cultural networks will be beneficial to avoid social exclusion effectively. As for Chinese families in Britain, there are not sufficient social welfare and adequate funding to satisfy Chinese people’s various needs from social activities and cultural cohesion, especially older people who suffer with mental illness (Bhui, et al., 2012; Chan, Cole and Bowpitt, 2007; Au and Png, 1997 cited in Yu, 2006). It has been apparently shown that Chinese occupy 0.4 percent of the British population, but 38% of the Chinese tends to be weak in social support, and they are faced with racial discrimination and unequal rights (Office for National Statistics, 2004 cited in Greena et al., 2006; Chan et al., 2004). In addition, Chinese people in Britain might suffer direct and indirect inequality from health care services, such as language problems, legal identify and cultural insensitivity (Chau, 2008; Davies, Basten and Frattini, 2006; Payne et al., 2005). In particular, Chinese people who have legal rights to health services, perhaps do not know how to utilise this
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