Worldview Personal Statement

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Worldview is one’s way of knowing and it is the foundation for interpreting both language and culture. Dr. Smart, my professor of anthropology, emphasized the insider’s perspective to be crucial when understanding others. It was this lecture that we dissected the Chinese character for family (家) into its individual radicals, and the deeply intertwined nature of language, culture, and worldview became apparent. Influential professors like Dr. Smart have inspired me to pursue teaching within a cultural context and have reignited my childhood fascination with Japan. Thus, I am applying for the Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) Position in the JET Program. JET would afford me the incredible opportunity to combine my interest in Japan with my desire to teach. As an ALT, I will work to understand the world from my students’ perspectives while building a capability in crafting learning experiences unique for each student.
As a business student at the University of Calgary, I added a minor in sociocultural anthropology because it taught me how seemingly different worldviews
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I have been involved in building programs and cultural training through my work as a Community Advisor (CA) in university residence and as a volunteer for the Centre for International Students and Study Abroad (CISSA). As a CA, I have created educational programs for student residents from diverse backgrounds to promote community engagement. My team and I have organized activities such as language workshops and study abroad events to foster international curiosity and friendship. Volunteering at CISSA has also been a tremendous resource in offering training in cultural competency and inclusivity. I will integrate my cultural training and expertise in developing residence programs to create engaging classroom lessons that emphasize global curiosity, diversity, and intercultural friendship in
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