The Importance Of Culture On My Culture

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My culture is the Netflix and/or binge-watching culture. This culture has a variety of different elements that are within it. These elements each have their own importance to how they impact my culture. Also, without any of these elements it would change the culture completely.
To begin, the first element is the values of my culture. Values are the principles or standards that society uses to make judgments. One of the values associated with Netflix is modification. Netflix is always being modified so that the viewers could see newly released shows as well as movies. Movies and TV shows are always being produced as well as what is trending in the country and world. Another value is variation, this allows subscribers to have an unlimited number of movies and TV shows to watch. On the Netflix website, the values they used to convey themselves was judgment, productivity, creativity, intelligence, honesty, communication, selflessness, reliability and passion. I think these all represent the company very well.
The next element to my culture is beliefs. Beliefs are the opinions or theories that people accept. Some of the beliefs associated with the beliefs of Netflix are the 5-star rating system that is used to measure the quality of the show. The higher number of stars the better the movie/show should be. This is also based on a consensus so even if it has a high rating you still might not like the movie/show and vis versa. Another belief is that Netflix is more for watching movies not necessary TV shows like Hulu offers. Some other TV/movie online media streaming websites are: Amazon Prime, Hulu, Sling TV, HBO Now, etc.
Knowledge is the ability to be informed and understand concepts to help people through life. There are several types of knowledge someone needs to understand when they use Netflix one of which is how to use the technology. From how to properly run a computer to how to run Netflix and navigate through the app. Another is the ability to understand the language the show is in, and if it’s not offered in someone’s first language then you can put the subscripts on so you can understand it. Its also important to know release dates or dates that shows will be removed from Netflix.
Norms are the
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