The Importance Of DN Culture

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“Accelerate your Life” “Global Force for Good” and “America’s Navy” all have been slogans for the DON (Faram, 2017). These all show a side or aspect of the Navy though in the following paragraphs I will guide you on why I believe that the US DON culture is the cause for the resent deaths of sailors this summer. The reason why I am interested in this group is because I have served/worked for this group for nearly a dozen years.

How the organization prevents and responds to problematic and antisocial behaviors? On a national level for media the DON got caught in an amateur pornography case in which how the medium was taken and distributed came under fire (Cauterucci, 2017). This has been an issue for years not just …show more content…

Fraternization violates both courage and commitment. Courage violated by willful neglect to do what is right, while commitment is violated by the fact that a person of leadership is inappropriately mentoring a junior person. You can put any of these into a web search engine and return with dozens of articles agreeing that these four pillars of an ethically down trodden organization is very much part of the DON.
Ethical concepts came to a cusp so much so that the forty-first President of the United States George H. W. Bush signed Executive Order 12674 (Bush, 1989) into law detailing the proper conduct of government official to include but not limited to the DON. All of the examples thus far violate this document, though in theory the document was to be a guideline that assisted in getting all personnel onto the same ethical page but it clearly has not (Myers, 2016; Durden, 2017; “Naval Leadership Scolded Warship Collisions, Sep 19 2017.”).
Cultural change efforts from the most recent congressional committee to the EO 12674 and their failures highlight that the DON has a complex ethical issues (Bush, 1989; “Naval Leadership Scolded Warship Collisions, Sep 19 2017.”). Issues range from sexual misconduct, to defrauding the US, to gaffing documents. Common thread is “what can I get out of the Government/now” vs President Ronald Reagan’s “There is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don't care who gets

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