Adaptive Leadership In The African Methodist Episcopal Church

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This Chapter is more specific about the importance of developing personal adaptive leadership practices. Learning to understand your internal and external personality and leadership traits will go a long way in terms of foster creativity, boldness and a clearer understanding of the insides and out of your own system.


In Chapter 13, the authors confer that the in order to understand the leadership traits you possess you have to see yourself as the system, you have to learn the many facets of who you are and the environment that created your logic and behavior . Once you have accomplished this feat, you will have a better ability to properly assess whether or not your skill set will positively or negatively impact the success of your organization 's. I think this is very important for church leaders especially Pastors. Quite often in the African Methodist Episcopal Church, we find that many pastors are ill-equipped to serve in a leadership capacity. Why? Well because quite frankly not every pastor possesses the same exact skill sets. Some of these skills can be taught and duplicated while others cannot. Senior Church leadership should look to individually match up and assess each church and their needs with the right leader and system. Pastors would be best served in keeping their eyes on the ball while developing a fuller understanding of their own skill sets and abilities and in that same vein also their own limitations.

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