The Importance Of Early Childhood Friendships

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Friendship is often diminished, considering the impact it has on everyone’s well being. Early-childhood friendships are frequently overlooked. Preschool friendships are helpful in initiating the process in forming social and emotional skills. It increases a sense of belonging and decreases tension. People who feel as if they are an outcast or unsocial tend to be depressed throughout their lifespan. It is natural to attach to a variety of people and want friendship and support from others, regardless of who they are. People thrive socially in many different ways. There are various ways to help children develop relationship skills that will acquire connections with others. Early childhood friendships benefit and help children become successful throughout life.
The benefits of friendships are based on quality. In the article Preschool Children’s Friendships and Peer Acceptance: Links to Social Competence, it discusses that children’s ability to form positive relationships with peers represents an important component of social development (Lindsey). Social development is about putting people at the centre of development. Eric Lindsey says that “in order to determine the developmental significance of children’s friendships, it is important to consider how the ability to establish and maintain a friendship are related to other dimensions of children’s social functioning” (Lindsey). Friendships are related to other dimensions of children’s social functioning because having many

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