The Importance Of Education

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Why do students continue to enter a college education system that is no longer focusing on them? The education system was built to serve the interest of the public, to provide opportunities for people to further their education and move up or maintain their social classes, and to teach people to think for themselves. All of the authors Menand, Roth, and Couturier all agree that education is threatened by the fact that colleges are focusing more on their private affairs instead of the students. They believe college should be focused on the student and their ability to think on their own and “enhance their capabilities” (Roth 2). Rose-Hulman does this well by challenging their students with a hard curriculum, but at the same time they are willing to give them plenty of opportunities to find success with smaller class sizes and a student friendly environment.
Michael Roth believes that people aremore than just “human capital” for society; he thinks that everyone should be able to find significance in their lives and work (3). In his essay “Learning as Freedom, by he discusses why education should be more than just learning how to do a skill; John Dewey said, it should be about “enhancing our capabilities” (2). He describes how everyone has their role is society and that not everyone can be a leader, but Roth quotes Dewey saying, “-the great thing for one as for the other is that each shall have had the education which enables him to see within his daily work all there is in it

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