The Importance Of Education

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Education remains the root of all the change my family has gone through. My parent’s decision to leave their beloved country of Colombia, and immigrate to the United States of America, stemmed from their fear of losing our education. Everything that altered the cultural sustainability of my family connects to our view on the importance of education. Education was not common in my family before my parents, especially for the women. My great grandmother did not even go to high school because “before 1933 women in Colombia were only allowed schooling until middle school level education”, and my grandmother was only fortunate enough to finish high school. Different things always seemed to take priority when it came their lives. The title of mother and wife overshadowed the title of student or scholar. These two generations found comfort in staying close to home, cooking for their husbands, and raising their children well into their adult years. My parents were the only ones capable of breaking this pattern. Both my parents were the only ones out of five siblings to complete college. They studied architecture in the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana. They met in college, where they still both lived at home, and began to date. Studying and finding a stable job constituted their priorities leading them to date for nine years. After graduating, my dad began to work in a construction company while my mom worked as an independent architect. My parents fully understood that working

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