I Had The Grand Honor Of Being Born Into An Culturally Diverse Family

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I had the grand honor of being born into an extremely culturally diverse family. Although Dominican culture dominates our customs, we are Middle Eastern from Lebanon, and
Spanish from Barcelona, Spain as well. The cultures have all laced into each other in such a way that I find it completely normal eating Arabic food, listening to Dominican music, and making Spanish desserts all at the same time.
My parents came to New York at around the age that I am now. After they met each other, they had my first sister when my mom was 18 and my father was just 22. After her first child, my mother went back to high school to finish her GED and my father enrolled in an institution that he never got around to finishing because his English was not well.
After creating a family at such a young age, assimilating to a new country at the same time, and dealing with the constant battles of being a teenager, my parents were not able to further their education. My mother went straight to work in a factory, while my father went into carpentry. The most that I remember from my childhood was jumping from one baby sitter to the next until my grandmother finally decided to take that responsibility. Responsibility over me and my little sister was distributed between my grandmother and older sister. We pretty much raised ourselves, which is the reason we are so close today. I don’t remember much from my childhood, and I have come up with the theory that that’s only because I suppressed most of it at
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