The Importance Of Education In Angela's Ashes, By Delia

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When Angela became pregnant, her cousins the MacNamara sisters, Delia and Philomena found out and confronted Malachy. In Angela’s Ashes, it is humorous that Delia keeps on saying “you shuddup” and Philomena said “… [Malachy] don’t have a job, so he don’t…” which gives me a feeling that they are not properly educated judging by the way they speak. However, the book states, “… lesser creatures stepped aside [to the MacNamara sisters], respect was shown. The sisters knew what was right…” This shows that they should be educated, contrary to what I thought. This makes me wonder if the people living during this time and place weren’t properly educated, which explains the improper usage of English, or maybe education isn’t required to differentiate
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