The Importance Of Education

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The importance of education for all children, especially for those with special needs are limited with social and economic opportunities which is indisputable. When it comes down on improving our schooling system, we think “How can we improve the education program” without even considering how it affects our special needs kids and our program for them. Many challenges remain, including delays in providing services for children with disability, as well as regulatory and financial hindrances that complicate the program for all involved. Enhancing the system necessitates better ways of understanding and measuring both ends of the special education program, namely the services special education children need and receive, and the academic outcomes these students achieve. Which is why I decided to craft this issue into my mask for my multimodal project.
My main argument for my Multimodal Project was to illustrate on a mask and photo about how the Special Needs program in our education system is being ignored when it comes to enhancing our school system. People with special needs are people that are a part of our society. Our youth is the next generation to take part and become well shaped citizens in our community but the only way we can be able to do so is by being educated by our education system. It is important to our community that they are being accommodated enough to fit in society.
Education is a vital tool that is used in the contemporary world to succeed. It is

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