The Importance Of Effective Teaching Practices Essay

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Demonstrating Effective Teaching Practices Criterion two of the Teacher and Principal Evaluation Program is “Demonstrating Effective Teaching Practices” (CEL 5D+, 2014, p.3). The focal point of this criterion is developing teaching practices that engage all or most students. Implementing effective teaching practices positively affects students in a variety of ways. It allows students to learn the necessary skills for them to be independent lifelong learners, helps them develop a deeper understanding and meaning of texts, find solutions to real world problems, increase comprehension, thinking and reasoning skills as well as increases achievement (Alozie & Mitchell, 2014; Chun & Jang, 2012; Murphy, Wilkinson, Soter, Hennessey, & Alexander, 2009; Ong, Hart, & Chen, 2016; Patrick, Ryan and Kaplan, 2007; Van de Pol, Volman, Oort, & Beishuizen, 2015). Criterion two includes four sub-criterions. This section will provide a description and empirical evidence to support the following four sub-criterions: quality of questioning, expectation and support and opportunity for participation and meaning making, substance of student talk and finally, scaffolding tasks. Quality of Questioning The first component of the second criterion is quality of questioning (CEL 5D+, 2014). In order for teachers to become proficient in this area they must “frequently ask[s] questions to probe and deepen students’ understanding” (CEL 5D+, 2014, p.3). This component also includes continually helping
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