The Importance Of Electronic Media And Communication

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We are to meet the people where they are at. With whatever means are available.
What about our youth. If we aren’t able to understands our youths way of communication and not only get involved with their language we have to educate them of the pitfalls of electronic media and communications. If the church doesn’t find a way to stay “in-step” with our youth we are going to lose them.
What I propose is to teach them proper ethical and spiruitual principles as it realates to electronic communication (i.e. texting, email, video conferencing, facebook). We would not be able to participate in on-line educational discussions if we didn’t have the electronic means to do so.

This vision demands that leaders in the church wrestle with the complexity of embodying the Gospel in culture. As the church rediscovers its unique role in culture, and supports the calling of their cultural influencers, it will be a force for good in our communities, cities and the country.

The call to the church—to all Christians—is to rediscover the cultural mandate, embracing the opportunity to influence culture. In the church, we must teach about calling and cultural influence and provide vital support to cultural leaders. We must become an integral piece of the local culture, convening and encouraging creation of future culture that serves the common good. We must become connoisseurs of good culture, recognizing and celebrating the good, the true, and the beautiful to the glory of God, and begin to

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