It’S All About Approach: Direct & Indirect Communication

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It’s All About Approach: Direct & Indirect Communication in
Professional Communications and Creative Expression
Communication is the foundation of all contact and involves much more than just words being spoken. The skills of a good communicator must be practiced and developed with relative frequency. Participants in a high-quality communication conversation are engaged in choosing a communication channel, sending clear messages, listening actively, and understanding others’ responses. When considering the one-way communication that occurs in media through various artists and communication professionals, we must recognize the importance of varying communication approaches.
Direct Communication
Direct communication is sometimes called
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This is overhearing a message. The overriding goal of the communication exchange is maintaining harmony and saving face.
Rather than involving objective knowledge, indirect communication is concerned with all that is related to one’s religious and ethical existence — who one is and how one should act. The direct method serves only to add more information to that which already lay listless and useless in the minds of the hearers. The direct method is not only nonproductive, but it is counterproductive. (Craddock, 2002). People develop deep and often unconscious understandings of what is expected by the direct approach. Because of shared expectations about behavior, the context can be altered by the speaker to convey information.
Shaping Culture
All institutions within society facilitate communication, and in that way, they all contribute to the creation, spread, and evolution of culture (Crouch, 2008). When Christians speak of engaging with culture it usually means consuming culture with discernment. We teach one another how to analyze and evaluate culture in its myriad forms. The only way to change culture is to create more of it” (Crouch, 2008, p. 66) This is right and important. We are to be transformed by the renewing of our minds so we are not

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