The Importance Of Environmental Protection

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Introduction and Background Check
Environmental protection is an important and interesting subject because of its sensitivity as far as the quality of life is concerned. The matter to do with the environmental conservation and protection has become a topic of concern all over the world as nations seek the solution to the degrading environment. It is globally accepted that the current trends in the quality of environment are wanting and call for sustainable development through global governance. Global Governance refers to the political collaboration and cooperation between nations with the objective of finding favorable and lasting solutions to problems affecting one country, countries or extensive geographical region.
Majority nations have joined hands to discuss possibilities and ways that environmental conservation and protection can be realized. They have continued to give this matter an upfront consideration owing to its importance and sensitivity. The United Nations, through the United Nations Environmental Program UNEP, guides the developing nations undertaking development projects that have been identified to be a threat to the quality of the environment (Desai, 2012). It is clear that environment is life and without it, there will be no life. The UNEP, a branch of United Nations is obligated to carry out and executing functions that help to conserve the environment in the developing nations.
The UNEP coordinates the environmental protection and management in third

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