The Importance Of Evidence-Based Interventions In Education

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In the world of teaching, the teachers all hope for a day when the class group can work through a lesson as one unit, comprehending the grade level materials, applying the new knowledge to real life scenarios, and exceeding what is expected on any given assessment. In a perfect world, this may be the case. However, our world is not perfect and the students do not learn by molding to a “one size fits all” category. Learning is individualized, just like teaching, every student learns at their own pace. For some students, learning is a more difficult task and requires more from the teachers. More time, more practice, and more individualized interventions are required for these types of learners. A subject that often requires extra attention is literacy. Reading and writing is a basis for all subject areas, if these skills are a weakness for a student, then all other subjects will suffer to one extinct or another.
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